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US Media Personality whose father won a Pulitzer Prize in media and journalism

Herbert Bayard-Swope

Son of Herbert Bayard Swope who won the first Pulitzer Prize, Mr. Bayard Swope, Jr. built his career in media with the knowledge and experience of the entertainment world in which he was immersed as a child. Host of a popular American radio show in the 1930s, his deep voice still resonates with the charm and familiarity of an old friend.

Herbert Bayard Swope, Jr.'s career continued as a television producer in New York and Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. His beautifully modulated baritone was readily recognized over the airways in the 70s and 80s when he appeared regularly in South Florida radio and television. In the 90s he mostly wrote columns and occasional features in the local Palm Beach press.

One of the Swope family's pastimes was croquet, many of the American rules of which were developed and popularized through Swope's father and his circle of friends and employees. This group, popularly known as the "Algonquin Round Table" played croquet during long weekends at their home on Long Island.

Herbet Bayard Swope Jr. died in December 2007, a few months after his wife.